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    DateDecember 2018
    LocationTaipei Digital Arts Festival
    ArtistHu ChinHsiang, Cai Binghua, Zhang Zhaoqing

    <Upload not Complete> The interactive experience device cooperates with the Taiwanese Non-Visual Aesthetic Education Association, a community corporation, to explore the possibility of non-visual technology and artistic experience from the perspective of the visually impaired. The text of the work is taken from the team's 2017 new media cross-domain exhibition. CyberCube〉-The process of uploading human consciousness to digital space. At this stage, human consciousness has been integrated into digital space, which means that people can perceive all virtual objects in digital space. In this work, a hybrid virtual entity will be created Space. When people enter this field, they can experience and perceive works through sound, wind installations and haptic wearable devices. Through this tactile interactive experience, it will reshape the public's perception of technology and art, and also open the visually impaired New imagination for artistic aesthetics


    The work magnifies the process of virtual and real fusion, which is the process of uploading human consciousness to digital space. When the visual perception has been lost, can people still recognize the body through the touch and sound of wind, sound and vibration Space everywhere. Experiencers use non-visual senses, experience media art, and cooperate with the Taiwanese Non-Visual Aesthetic Education Association to create a digital space where the computer can fully understand the location of the experiencer in the space, allowing the experiencer to listen, move, touch objects, Feel the vibration and come to know the space.

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