Tzolk'in Light

Tzolk'in Light

DateFeb 2023
LocationYuejin Port, Tainan
ArtistPeppercorns Interactive Media Art
CategoryArt Installation

Media: computers, lasers, water curtains, projectors, speakers
Size: 20M, 5M, 15M (width, depth, height)

Timing is an art form. Time is not used to regulate us, but a complete set of energies and rules that operate naturally. Tzolk'in is the basic cycle of the Mayan calendar. Through the Tzolk'in calendar, the work reinterprets the laws of time and the energy of natural operations. The work presents three-dimensional vision and sound in space, expressing the energy of accumulating life, to construct and tune , Synchronization, and regression four levels to present the succession, transformation, and integration, and the concept of Mayan calendar graphics, through the display of points, lines, and planes in three-dimensional space, it means the opening of the Milky Way, just like the moon, after the endless black , a new light is gaining momentum.

Art Director: Hu ChinHsiang
Artistic concept: Lin Yingli, Hu ChinHsiang
Project Management: Inri Lin
Visual Design: Li Yuhao
Sound design: Han Chengye
Water curtain project: Hongshuo Technology Co., Ltd.
Projector: Nine Flags Video Technology Co., Ltd.
Sound Engineering: Hanwei Lighting & Sound Co., Ltd.
Exhibition period | January 14 (Sat) ~ February 12 (Sun), 2023
Location|Yuejin Port, Tainan
Curator|Urban Art Studio
Curator|Ye Shuwei
Sponsor | Tainan City Government

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