攝影: 都市藝術工作室
Photography: Urban Art Studio
攝影: 都市藝術工作室
Photography: Urban Art Studio
攝影: 都市藝術工作室
Photography: Urban Art Studio
攝影: 陳家翊
Photography: Chen Jiayi
攝影: 陳家翊
Photography: Chen Jiayi
攝影: 陳家翊
Photography: Chen Jiayi
攝影: 陳家翊
Photography: Chen Jiayi

Signal Light Gallery

DateMar 2021
LocationNational Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
ArtistPeppercorns Interactive Media Art
CategoryArt Installation

Looking forward to light in the dark, as looking forward to hope

The light in the work comes from the transmission of people’s mobile phones, and the audience who enters the work
Express the signal transmission and movement with the movement of light in space
The work receives the signal and then presents it with the movement of light. If the process does not touch people, then the signal of light is calm and unresponsive.

If the moving process touches people, the light will oscillate and reverberate
Symbolize acceptance or response

Try to use ground projections and lasers to present the "Internet sea" in space
Visually presents a huge network concept with images such as coordinates, connections, shapes, etc.

The present symbol of each connection in the work:
When the work is connected through the Internet, a circular dynamic image appears on the ground, and there are also data visualization images such as IP besides.
When a person walks into the work, there will be irregular dynamic apertures around the person’s ground
Virtual and real people, in the space at the same time, there can also be multiple virtual and real people at the same time
Retention of history (future)
The ground dynamic coordinate image is the historical movement track of the virtual or reality in the past




Art Concept | Hu ChinHsiang
3D compositing and art setting: Supporting the period
Real-time visual design: Xu Zhewei, Chen Guanwen, Hu ChinHsiang
Interactive web design: Fu Guyu Creation, Hu ChinHsiang
Laser program: Hu ChinHsiang
Hardware programming: Xu Zhewei
On-site interactive engineering and execution: Zhang Zhaoqing
Project Manager: Chen Guanwen
Sound design: Han Chengye
Marketing: Zhang Lili
Equipment and data collection: Huang Shanlin
Special thanks: Urban Art, National Pavilion, Haofan International, Qingtian Projector

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