Shape of Winds

Photo courtesy: original creative
Photo courtesy: original creative

Wind shape

DateSep 2019
LocationTaoyuan Art Center
Artist胡 缙 祥 蔡秉庚 Hu Chin-Hsiang, Tsai Bing-Hua
CategoryArt, Kinetic

Media: cloth, fan, proprietary software, computer, single-chip control board, motion capture, projector
Material: clothes, fan, custom software, computer, AC Dimmer, capture device, projector
Dimensions: 5m x 3m x 2.5m (length x width x height)
Size: 5M x 3M x 2.5m (width, depth, height)
The wind is invisible. The work tries to express the shape of the wind through the gauze cloth and light spots.
Shape of winds is a data visualization power device that can intercept the local weather information (or viewer position) in real time, and convert it into fan and particle vision through computer software control, and convert it into kinetic energy. The projection vision, and then the sculptural gauze cloth, presents a wave-like dance.
Wind is shapeless; however, this work employs gauze and light to embody wind. Shape of Winds captures Taoyuan's real-time climate data and controls the fans and LED light dots through computer programming, converting the dynamic data into a visualization motion installation. The motion also affects the strength of the wind and the brightness of the LED light, creating wave-like movement with the sculptural gauze.

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