DateJuly 2022
LocationArs Electronica Linz, Austria
ArtistHu ChinHsiang, Li Yuhao, Chen Ziliang, Han Chengye
CategoryArt Installation

Media: animation, real-time visual program, loudspeaker, music
Size: 16M, 9M, 9M (width, depth, height) adjusted according to the site

The name of the work "Sandbox" comes from the safe environment established when computer programs are designed, which can block destructive accidents and possible risks.

At the beginning of the work, the pictographic character "人" composed of many Chinese characters is the main visual, and then the process of establishing civilization is presented with animation and sound.

Civilization is a term invented by human beings. Tracing back to the source, people go from individuals to partners, groups, races, and establish countries. People use words and languages to communicate, record history, and accumulate wisdom. Civilization seems to be often understood as building big cities, or technological development. The work tries to propose a possibility of thinking. If civilization can be re-established, is there any other possibility?

Artists: Hu Jinxiang, Li Yuhao, Chen Ziliang, Han Chengye
3D Animation: Li Yuhao
Real-time visual programming: Chen Ziliang
Sound design: Han Chengye
Exhibition Period | 2022.9.7 ~ 09.11
Exhibition Area | Deep Space
Sponsor | Electronic Arts Center Linz

Special thanks to: Huang Xinjian, Cao Xiaoyue, Taiwan Virtual Reality Development Association

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