Quantum Painted Beam Version

Source: Taipei Digital Arts Festival
Source: Taipei Digital Arts Festival
Source: Taipei Digital Arts Festival
Source: Taipei Digital Arts Festival

Quantum Painted Beam Version

DateDec 2021
LocationTaipei Ximen Red House
ArtistPeppercorns Interactive Media Art
CategoryArt Installation

"Quantum Painted Landscape Beam Edition" is a sound and light interactive performance that can be participated in through a "mobile phone"

The main body of the performance is light, mirror device, electronic sound, and it can also be a virtual avatar for the participants to intervene through signal connection

In terms of visual performance, light beams, smoke, and mirror reflections are used to create a space of "intersection of light signals" above the physical field, allowing the audience to experience the sound and light performance in the space where the boundary between virtual and physical is blurred by manipulating light. New ways to communicate and interact.

In order to create a "Landscape with Light" performance, the site will also open up access to the website of the work, allowing the audience to use light as a digital avatar to participate in interaction. connections, relationships and possibilities.

Art Concept | Hu ChinHsiang
3D Visual Synthesis | Fu Yuqi
Lighting Control | Xu Zhewei, Hu Jinxiang
Mirror Device Control | Xu Zhewei, Hu Jinxiang
Sound Design | Han Chengye
Interactive Web Design | Zhang Zhaoqing
Mirror Installation Design |
Visual Design | Lin Lixin
Administration | Zhang Lili
Lighting | Hao Fan International Co., Ltd.
Curatorial Unit | Taipei Digital Art Center