Music ladder

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Music ladder

DateMarch 2018
LocationXu Shi Music Library
TypeInteractive Installation

ClientWooden jar design


The Yule Hall, familiar to the old Tainan people, was transformed into "Xu Shi Music Library", which has functions of reading, music, and performance. There is also a permanent exhibition of "Xu Shi's Song and His Story". On the second floor, you can play music with Xu Shi, and the internal space is the first to be opened to the public today. From the first floor to the second floor, the stairs will emit scales, and the second floor permanent exhibition "Xu Shi's Song and His Story", the cultural relics on display are the manuscripts, records and musical instruments donated to Nanshi in 2016 by Xu Shi's family You can take pictures on the shiny stage, you can also play music with Xu Shi, and feel the material of shellac and vinyl.