Magic Studio Interaction Special Exhibition

Magic Studio Interactive Film and Television Technology Special Exhibition

DateMay 2019
LocationNational Science Education Museum
ClientGe Linwenchuang, crazy design

"Magic Studio Magic Trainee Interactive Film and Television Technology Interactive Special Exhibition" The only original theme exhibition of the cinema style in the summer of 2019, with 10 novel and interesting interactive digital technologies, to create a theme-style studio that explores the technology of television and film; including 12 groups of the most popular in history Original IP fairy tale star group, immersive interactive game with exclusive performance of exclusive crew roles; enthusiastically recruit trainees to join, in the professional scenes of entertaining, enjoy the film and television technology behind the scenes, # play, # knowledge, # photo Meet three wishes at once!
12 sets of fairy tale original illustration characters starring in luxury
Magic Studio magic trainees invited to gather the most popular fairy tale star group in history, including the strongest child face heroine Snow White, the mighty director magic lamp elf, the stuntman Peter Pan who can fly without hanging wire rope Liar expert screenwriter Pinocchio, Jack Jack, a photographer who can't be beaten from any angle, and the infinitely extended magic bean, etc. More than 12 original IP illustration characters participated in this exhibition, forming a lineup of ultra-luxury crews. Various professional scenes are present to perform this unprecedented special exhibition of cinema-style themes.
10 interactive digital technologies to perfect the film and television theme scene
By combining more than 10 novel and interesting interactive digital technologies, the exhibition will bring you to know the professional characteristics of crew members in the game, and also created three major sets of musicals, adventure films and science fiction films, as well as hidden sound production centers and Time props house, at the same time can also enter the theme studio to shoot their own release poster.

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