Infinite View Moat Edition

Infinite View Moat Edition

DateDec 2022
LocationHsinchu moat
ArtistPeppercorns Interactive Media Art
CategoryArt Installation

The abundant wind in Hsinchu has given us a lot of imagination. The works are conceived with the three aspects of the Year of the Tiger, the Windy City and the River as the concepts.
-The previous section uses more chaotic lines to leave the ubiquitous and unpredictable "wind" and "water" on the river channel through the principle of persistent visual imaging, showing the unstable and turbulent last year
-The tiger pattern in the middle section passes through the water surface, the pattern spreads, and the music makes a low roar, indicating the arrival of the new year
-The last section makes the original chaotic lines, wind cutting, water surface and other images become stable and calm due to the passing of tiger stripes, which symbolizes that the world will be better in the new year. Uninterrupted, abundant wind and hope.
The works are displayed every 6 minutes, and the performance is 3 minutes and 40 seconds long. The other time is standby sound and animation.

Artistic Concept: Hu ChinHsiang, Fu Yuqi
Animation Design: Fu Yuqi
Sound design: Han Chengye
Structural Design: Lin Yinli
On-site work: Wu Haoyu
Exhibition Period | 2022.01.21 ~ 02.28
Time | Daily 17:30~22:00
Exhibition Area | East Gate City and Park Around the Moat (East Gate Ring Road to World Block Section)
Organizer | Hsinchu City Government
Executive Unit | UrbanART Studio
Visual Coordination | Path & Landforms

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