Light Driver

Light Driver Optical Drive Structure

DateSep 2020
LocationPermeable Dimensional Wall
ArtistPeppercorns Interactive Media Art

Artistic Director Hu ChinHsiang (Peppercorns)
Lighting Design Chen Guanwen (Kurokawa)
Institutional installation Ling Zongting (Gumi Machine Factory)
Web Design Hu ChinHsiang Edison Chen (Heichuan)
Film design by Yuqi, Edison Chen (Kurokawa)
Curator Luo Helin

〈Light Driver〉
Computer, LED, metal parts, motor, controller, software, network

The work attempts to find intangible energy and signals, and display, shine, and reflect on tangible structures.
It is a process of discussion and research. The circular structure is used as a carrier to collect energy and carries the unit of light and rotation.
Inspired by the concept of "perpetual motion machine" in the comic "Long Dynasty Dadu", its complex structure and energy expression method

Continuation of the past creative media, light as a symbol of energy and life, is intangible and can create tangible
The structure is a rotating mirror structure supported by beam energy
It is also illuminated by invisible energy and presents a tangible and changeable surface
Viewers can connect to the works website through their mobile devices to change the appearance of the lights
It means that energy affects imaging through the transmission of wireless signals
It can also show the existence beyond reality through the opening of the digital lens on the website

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