Kruger hat

Interactive Illustration Exhibition-Kruger's Hat

DateApril 2016
LocationUntitled 42 MEDIA LAB
TypeInteractive Installation
ArtistCai Chengfeng / Hu Yanxiang

Hats are a symbol of status and occupation. People are constantly exploring their positioning and value throughout their lives, just like finding a hat that suits them best. New media artist Hu Yixiang and illustrator Cai Chengfeng (Mr. FF French Fries) jointly launched the "Kruger's hat interactive illustration exhibition" with the theme of "hats".

The name of the exhibition comes from Myron W. Krueger, the father of interactive video. He used computer real-time calculation as early as the 1980s to create interactive works that many people can participate in. And this exhibition will use the five stages of model, exploration, pursuit, hope and achievement to express the journey between the hat and self-positioning, so that each piece of work can interact with the viewer.

Hu Xiangxiang said that in addition to continuing the work of Mr. French Fries' Hats and Hats, this exhibition also incorporates new media such as head-mounted displays, augmented reality (AR) and somatosensory interaction, allowing viewers to enter the painting and have fun Somatosensory game of "Receiving Hat". And through the head-mounted display and AR technology, it can also make the flat illustration "moving", which is very interesting.

"My first lesson in interactive art is to tell you: When the audience begins to participate," the author is dead. "Hu said that the words of French thinker Roland Barthes meant that the right to interpret the work does not lie with the author. But for the viewers, "Everyone will get a different experience when participating, which is not possible with traditional media."