Symbiotic island

Keys-Recording Bracelet


We use the bracelet as a key to enter the world of the symbiotic island. Every visitor who enters the exhibition hall will wear the bracelet, record the interactive results of each exhibit, and finally perform statistical results and feedback. # RFID Receiver # RFID Bracelet # Single Board Computer # Screen

Gate — Augmented Zoo AR


Through the tablet, I saw the virtual character of Mr.FF's hand-painted works of Mr. Fries moved and rushed out of the frame to formally lead the people to the gate of the symbiotic island. #IPAD#AR

Let's run! Animal track and field


Want to interact more closely with the animals on the symbiotic island? Here, people can compete with characters in track and field, break time and space constraints, and choose friends freely. After the end, the results of the competition will also be recorded in the bracelet. # Depth Sensor # Projector # Speaker # Computer

Color! Create Zoo


In the symbiotic island, humans and animals are unique life. The people apply exclusive colors to the animals through the screen and upload them to the projection screen. In the picture, they can interact with each other, and at the same time, they can see and present with other animals to create happiness together. And fun zoo. # picture upload # touch screen # projector # radar sensor # speaker

Transform! Animal making machine


Animals and humans can play together in the symbiotic island. Want to know what role you play in the symbiotic island? Through body recognition, you will be in the projection screen. See your own counterpart and interact with other characters in the screen. # Depth Sensor # Projector # Speaker # Computer

Symbiotic island


Symbiotic island, utopia on species. After the interaction, the people left their footprints on Symbiotic Island through a bracelet and projected them. They formally became part of Symbiotic Island. # RFID Receiver # RFID Bracelet # Projection

Interactive Illustration Amusement Park-Symbiosis Island

DateJune 2018
LocationHsinchu 241 Art Space, Fukuoka Science Museum
CategoryInteractive Installation
ClientPeppercorns Interactive Media Art

The interactive illustration amusement park is another experimental impact. It is also a children's interactive experience amusement park with common joy and common growth. It looks for a sweet spot between media art and illustration, maintains the concept of media art, the use of technology and media, and illustrators. His own work style and childlike instincts, trying to bring their own skills, cross the field into a new interactive image exhibition, the exhibition content in 2015, "Kruger's Hat" and 2017 "HAPPY YOYO" 》 The two interactive illustration exhibitions are based on the exhibits, re-creating a new interactive illustration amusement park, using augmented reality, somatosensory interaction, mobile devices and other new media in combination with illustration works to penetrate the concept.

Taking the symbiotic island as the text, imagine the symbiotic island where people and animals can have fun together. Not only is human science and technology progressing, but the symbiotic island after human and animals have progressed together. The concept of symbiotic island is penetrated by six elements. Including common key—recording bracelet, gate—enlargement zoo AR, and the island also contains three interactive devices that can play with animals—coloring zoo, animal track and field, animal making machine, and finally symbiosis that can leave footprints. Island imagery. .