light rabbit

light rabbit

DateFeb 2023
LocationTaipei Performing Arts Center
ArtistPeppercorns Interactive Media Art, Zheng Naiquan
CategoryArt Installation

Media: computer, acrylic, light-emitting diode, controller, real-time visual program, electronic sound, speaker
Size: 8M, 8M, 3M (width, depth, height)

30 groups of light source images are suspended in the space to form a circular sound and light performance device with a diameter of about 7.5 meters. Through the continuous flow and flickering of lights, the dynamic effect of the image is presented, just like stop motion animation (Stop Motion).

Using the intelligent and agile species of "rabbit" as a metaphor for the gathering of literati here is also a new year of the zodiac. The length of the program is 5 minutes, showing the arrival of smart people in this place in the torrent of history. Although we have encountered problems such as race and geographical location in the development, we will be united, communion, understanding and supporting each other now and in the future.

Art Director: Hu ChinHsiang
Project Management: Ye Ziyu
Real-time visual design: Cai Binghua
Sound Design: Zheng Naiquan
LED Mapping: Lu Baiyi
3D Synthetic Simulation: Zhang Yulin
2D visual design: Wu Bowei
Exhibition period | 2023.02.05 ~ 2023.02.19
Venue|Taipei Performing Arts Center Small Stage
Curator|Yu Guo Creative
Sponsor | Taipei City Government, Taipei Shilin District Office

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