Hello, Miss Lin

Hello, Miss Lin

DateAug 2017
LocationCultural Association First Floor, South City Space No.1
TypeInteractive display device
ClientYidong Culture Creative Co., Ltd.
CategoryInteractive Installation

Do you know how many Mazu devotees around the world and how many Mazu temples are scattered all over the world? Every year, Mazu enters the fragrant land, and there are tens of thousands of devout believers from home and abroad. They travel through the crowded city and across the countryside to form a long detour team, demonstrating strong folk belief. What fascination does the Mazu belief that UNESCO has identified as a world intangible cultural heritage have? The "Hello, Miss Lin Cross-Border Goddess Digital Detour" is to break away from the traditional display mode, use a large number of multimedia interactive technologies, combine cultural relics display and new media art, and use the exhibition method that echoes reality to bring Taiwan's Mazu culture Beauty is presented to you.

Our Solutions

10 meters wide touch projection wall, interactive projection floor with smoke machine, touch screen information machine