Happy YOYO!

LocationDajiang Shopping Center
ArtistCai Chengfeng / Hu Yanxiang

The interactive art exhibition is planned with the theme of universe travel. In addition to the healing illustrations with colorful colors and lovely styles, a "spaceman manufacturing machine" is also created. You can transform into a "spaceman" by uploading photos on your face. Float and roam in the universe with cute illustration characters, and become a part of artistic creation together. It is divided into two exhibition areas for static installation and dynamic interaction. The static exhibition area takes the space mission of Mr. Fries to rescue the planet as the main axis of the story. As for the dynamic exhibition and interactive technology, it combines the art to shape the moment when the rocket and the astronaut take off, so that the public can interact with their own astronauts. Download QR code to commemorate it, break the distance between technology and people, and make illustration art have different interpretations.