future tree

future tree

DateDec 2022
LocationSongju Park Plaza
ArtistPeppercorns Interactive Media Art
CategoryArt Installation

Media: laser projection, speakers, light controllers, power supplies, LED screens, computer vision, the Internet, real-time visual programs
Size: 13M, 15M, 6M (width, depth, height)

Every new year, people look back to see if they have grown. There have been times of hard work, hard work, and unhappiness this year, but there must also be moments of happiness, joy, and laughter. These are important nutrients for becoming a better self.
So what are your hopes and expectations for the future? There are five wish trees surrounded by lights, which represent five kinds of wishes: family, wealth, love, career, and health. By approaching one of the trees, scan the QR code around the tree to enter the world of future trees, plant the seeds of wishes for the future self, and collect light sources to irrigate wishes, which means that the light flow will lead the masses when wishes come true Wishes gathered in the Doomsday Tree!
All the wishes you make will become the nourishment for the future tree. When you get closer, the future tree will reflect your future self, which will be recorded, saved and transmitted to the virtual art together with the future tree full of love and hope. In the gallery, you can look back and record the present, and look back in the future to see if you, who were full of longing at that time, have become the ideal.

Artistic concept: Hu ChinHsiang, Lin Yingli, Li Yuhao, Chen Ziliang
Project Management: Inri Lin
Visual Design: Li Yuhao
Real-time visual design: Chen Ziliang
Program Design: Chen Ziliang
Web UI Design: Shi Weiren
Interactive Web Design: Zhang Zhaoqing
LED installations: Zhang Yulin, Lu Baiyi, Li Yuhao, Wu Bowei, Wu Haoyu, Xu Weijun
Sound design: Han Chengye
Projector equipment: Qingtian Technology
Hardware Integration: Bojiet Audio-Visual
Image Recording: Fixed Image
Exhibition period | 2022.12.01 ~ 2023.01.03
Location|Songju Park Plaza
Curatorial Execution|濪濪
Sponsor | Taipei City Government Observation Bureau

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