Earth energy shuttle D / S ONE ROBOT VR

Earth Energy Shuttle

DateDec 2019
LocationD / S ONE
ArtistPeppercorns x Befu x Calgit
CategoryKinetics, Installation

Media: KUKA arm, wireless network, VR all-in-one, computer, interactive program

The first green energy exhibition hall in China, full of ingenious design ingenuity
"D / S ONE Electric Magic No. 1 Office" is located on the first and second floors of the Taimin Xinmin Office Building and Substation. Yu is also the first green energy exhibition hall in the country.

Taipower stated that the pavilion ’s name replaced the abbreviation “D / S” (Distribution Substation) of the substation with the concepts of “Design” and “Sustainability”, and quoted the meaning of the pavilion ’s house number “1”, which was a symbol A new starting point and new outlook for Taiwan's future energy, and at the same time foretell Taipower to transform from a supplier of electricity to an agent of sustainable development.

To this end, the hall's LOGO uses the familiar "lightning" symbol as the design background and incorporates an "exclamation mark" into it. It symbolizes that the hall will be a creative experimental field that continues to ferment, grow and maintain dynamics in the city.

The first full-sensing robot in Taiwan, taking you to the horizon of universe energy
What kind of "creative" is there in D / S ONE?

When you step into the entrance of the building, you will be shocked by the "VR six-axis robot" standing on the left. This is the first "manned robotic arm" in Taiwan used in museum fields. Visitors can wear VR virtual reality equipment to immediately travel between the earth and the universe, and experience the microorganisms, tornadoes, solar winds, volcanoes, oceans, black holes, etc A huge power of endless energy changes in the future.

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