Light box function (Cybercube ver.LED)

Light box function Cybercube

DateFeb 2019
LocationPingtung Lantern Festival Art Light District
ArtistHu ChinHsiang, Cai Binghua

Light box effect

One side, one side, one family, one world symbolizes Pingtung's diverse species and humanities, interweaving one side, one world. An important masterpiece of the artist Hu Yanxiang combines sound / visual / light and digital programs to interweave different scenes of day and night.


CyberCube is mainly exploring the different possibilities of existence, escape, fusion, and shuttle between humans in virtual and real spaces. The real scene is captured by the camera, and then the 3D objects and space are combined to show the existence of virtual objects in reality. Mixed space, where there are real circus performers, who control scientific and technological LED cubes and computer lights. In mixed spaces, cubes and spaces will be constantly changing, such as liquid and cutting. Organic life.
Inspired by William Ford Gibson's famous cyberpunk sci-fi work, neuromancer, in 1984, it describes a self-correction that ignores the rapid development of information technology. Using cubes to represent network devices, they began to shuttle freely, and until they were unable to extricate themselves, soon, performers would find a way to log in to cyberspace. That was the beginning of a transformation. The virtual and real world frames began to blur, and eventually they were swallowed or Fusion? Onlookers are witnessing all this happening.

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