Cathay Walker

Cathay Walker somatosensory version

DateDecember 2018
LocationFintech Exhibition
ClientJason Global Integrated Marketing

Through the use of somatosensory technology to capture the walking motion of the interactor, and add voice and particle effects to the screen to increase the immersion experience, subsequent use of pressure sensing or high-speed radar sensing can greatly increase the sensing response.
Cathay Walker's event design concept is "to cultivate the habit of 7,500 steps per day", while recording customer health behavior data through wearable devices. In addition, it can be combined with the spillover policy "Chung Xin Walker Critical Illness Insurance". If the policyholder achieves the goal of the number of healthy steps of the spillover policy, he will be entitled to increase the death protection.

Wang Fumin, deputy general manager of the Cathay Financial Information Department, said that the traditional insurance logic is "damage compensation", but now all things in the world are flipping, what the insurers now have to do is "let my customers live well", which means "Compensation for damage" is turned into "prevention of damage." Cathay Walker designed this concept to "not only be fun, but hope that you can walk healthier and live longer and more at ease"