A Different Day – Multimedia Interactive Exhibition

You're So Free-Daytime Room

A Different Day_Morning Room

The beginning of the "One Day" journey is opening your eyes to your room. In this exhibition area, many essential objects such as beds, books, dolls, etc. are presented in a collage style, and the characters are moved and the instruments are played from time to time by means of light carving projection, so as to show that the children are in full swing , The objects that give new life. # light carving # animation # desk # graffiti

Wake Up The Real You-Bathroom

A Different Day_BathRoom

Leaving the room and coming to the bathroom, let yourself be neat! In this exhibition area, camera and interactive pictures are used to simulate the installation situation, thereby establishing the concept of viewers' health and cleanliness. After the cleaning and assembly is complete, take the brightest picture and upload it to the projection screen immediately! # Face Recognition # Camera

Good Morning Morning Beauty-Dining Room

A Different Day_Dining Room

Before we go to school, let's have a hearty breakfast! The most important meal of the day, in addition to eating rich and healthy, is to interact with the characters at the interactive table to teach children how to eat healthy. # interactive table

You are the big artist-art class

A Different Day_Art Class

Eat and drink, go to school! The first class is a hands-on art class. Through the collage materials, the creativity of visitors is fully demonstrated. After the collage is completed, the works are digitized by scanning, and each unique character is immediately presented in the exhibition hall with projection. # Collage # Scan Upload # Projection # Multiplayer

You are the big artist-stereo art class

A Different Day_VR Art Class

Different from the traditional art class, this art class is presented in VR, turning the handle into a magic brush, so that visitors can enjoy it freely and have unlimited creative space. #VR# virtual reality

Add, subtract, multiply, and divide your world—mathematics

A Different Day_Math Class

Use your hands to move your brain, combine mathematics with VR interaction, mathematical problems are no longer the scary devil, but a level of the game, choose your correct answer, let us break through the level together! #VR# operation

Follow Everywhere-Playground

Playground, a field full of children's laughter. In the exhibition hall, we used somatosensory equipment to provide football, volleyball and rope skipping experience. Through the projection screen, we turned the big and small friends into animated characters, and the scoring system made participants feel the fun of the competition. # somatosensory # football # volleyball # skipping rope # multiplayer

A Different Day_Jumping Rope

Rope skipping. During the experience, characters will cooperate with each other. In the game, the audience must not touch the rope.
A Different Day_Soccer

Football, interact with one-foot ball, the ball cannot land.
A Different Day_Volleyball

Volleyball, interact with the ball with both hands, the ball must not land.

Game, let's duel! -park

Park, a field of communication and relaxation. Many children are the most anticipated stop on their way home from school. In the exhibition, we interacted with jumping grids and contour sandboxes that both adults and children love. # interactive floor # jump lattice # power sand # multiplayer

A Different Day_Hopscotch

Jump the grid and proceed as an interactive floor. Participants are required to complete the game level within time, and a pass animation will appear after completion.
A Different Day_SandPit

Contour sand pools are performed using interactive projection. As the sand pool is pushed up and lowered, the contour line color changes, and the terrain can be understood during the interaction.

"Different day" — night room

A Different Day_Night Room

The room is the first and last stop. After returning to the house all day long, in the exhibition room, the elements of the whole day to experience a "different day" are gathered on the interactive wall and projected with light carving. Way to present. # interactive wall # projection # touch

A Different Day – Multimedia Interactive Exhibition

DateMay 2019
LocationTaoyuan Children's Art Museum
ArtistHu ChinHsiang, Cai Chengfeng, Zhang Zhaoqing

Combining interactive technology, virtual reality, and somatosensory games, try to create a collection: interactive experience exhibitions of education, art, and technology lead students through a game-like experience process to let students understand how much they can do each day What a different day, full of imagination.
The fairest thing in the world is that everyone has only 24 hours a day. For busy adults, time is always insufficient, and it seems to always be racing against time. However, in the eyes of innocent children, time can always stay in the beautiful things, let the time pass, enjoy the process and the freshness of the first experience, as if everything is still in the taste period.
The unit of "One Day" is completely different for adults and children. Each day is novel, full of exploration and creativity, and uses natural imagination to enrich each different day. "Day" is the theme of the exhibition, in an attempt to strengthen the concept of "day" physical time and inner time. Developmental psychologist Piaget (1969) explores from a psychological level and divides time into physical time and psychological time. Physical time is the concept of time recognized through external movements, such as succession, duration, and vulnerability. Visual spatial impact.
"One day" will experience many novel experiences for children. This exhibition condenses the important itinerary of the day and uses multiple scenes as experience exhibition areas, such as: rooms, bathrooms, dining rooms, and art classrooms, picture galleries, Mathematics classroom, playground, finally, park back to room. Interactive technologies, light sculpture projection, somatosensory games, VR experiences and other new display technologies, with collages and illustrations as visual styles, allow viewers to have a new and exciting experience of viewing exhibitions, creating a different day.

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