heavy light array

Photography: Han Seung Yep
Photography: Han Seung Yep
Photography: Han Seung Yep
Photography: Coastal Productions
Photography: Coastal Productions
Photography: Coastal Productions

heavy light array

DateJuly 2022
LocationSongshan Cultural and Creative Park
ArtistHu ChinHsiang, Cai Binghua, Han Chengye
CategoryArt Installation

Media: Lighting, Metal Knots, Speakers, Light Controllers, Power Supplies, Network, Real-Time Vision Programs
Size: 7M, 1.5M, 1.1M (width, depth, height)

The work is conceived with a continuous geometric structure, and the appearance uses a minimalist streamlined shape composed of 15 LED rectangles, which also echoes the Bauhaus, allowing the work to be effectively combined with the space. The integration of the Songshan Tobacco Factory in China with the works of technology and art, and the historical positioning of the translation space connecting the past and the future, also presents the infinite possibilities of the future here.

The work is played on a loop every 4 minutes and 33 seconds

Artists: Hu ChinHsiang, Cai Binghua
Lighting Designer: Cai Binghua
Sound design: Han Chengye
Structural Design: Hu Jinxiang
On-site work: Wu Haoyu
Still photography: Han Chengye
Dynamic photography: Han Chengye, Ye Ziyu
Video Editing: Hu ChinHsiang
Iron parts production: Liyou Machinery Co., Ltd.
Exhibition Period | 2022.06.24 ~ 09.11
Time | Daily 17:30~02:00
Exhibition Area | 2022 Summer Relax - Summer Hey! ? Summer Festival
Organizer | Taipei City Cultural Foundation Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

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