coral bloom

coral bloom

DateNov 2022
LocationKanhai Art Museum
ArtistPeppercorns Interactive Media Arts, Kuniyoshiman
CategoryArt Installation

Media: laser projection, loudspeaker, visual animation

The work "Coral Flower Blooming" exhibited at Kanhai Art Museum is a paper flower artist from Okinawa, Japan. Perfumer Ye Ruowei's exclusive fragrance for the falling mountain wind, "Wild Wind の Water", makes people feel like they are in a romantic garden. Kurokawa Interactive Media Art, which has won the Venice Laguna International Art Award, also turns flowers into poetic and immersive sensory experiences.

Visual Design: Zhang Yulin
Sound design: Han Chengye
Projector Engineering: Qingtian Technology
Exhibition period | 2022.11.04 ~ 2023.02.05
Venue|Kanhai Art Museum
Curatorial Execution|Original Creativity
Sponsor | Pingtung City Cultural Bureau

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