city light

city light

DateFeb 2023
LocationContinental Building
ArtistPeppercorns Interactive Media Art, Yamakage Art Laboratory
CategoryArt Installation

Media: player, iron parts, LED screen, LED processor, visual animation, electronic sound, speakers
Size: 15M, 4M, 4M (width, depth, height)

"Urban Light Spot" discusses the interactive interpretation between light and data, and architectural space. Light in space is the connection and collision between city and art, and it can also combine reality and virtuality. In the light show, music also Combining elements such as city sounds and heavy traffic, it is an audio-visual performance art that can be synchronized with lights.

Art Director: Hu ChinHsiang
Styling Design: Li Yuhao
LED Engineering: Lu Baiyi
Dynamic Visual Design: Mountain Shadow Art Lab
Sound design: Han Chengye
Production: Yeren Art Design
Motion picture: Ye Ziyu
Still photography: Fixing Image Studio, Ye Ziyu
Exhibition period | 2023.02.05 ~ 2023.02.19
Location|Mainland Building
Curator|Original Creativity
Organizer | Taipei City Government

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