Interactive Art

Creativity, interaction, aesthetics, technology, team. When we are creating, these elements are indispensable. We focus on interactive creative proposals, media art creation, and new media technology development. -HU, CHIN-HSIANG

Media Design

Using creativity can make the world interesting, and using interactive technology to rebuild bridges. I believe that beauty is full of life. Technology has become our tool. Teamwork has enabled us to professionally and maturely realize aesthetically interactive ideas.

Commercial Design

When creativity is involved in new technology, artists need to write programs, engineers need beauty, and interaction makes user experience design a discipline that cannot be ignored. Kurokawa Interactive Media Art has become such a fun and progressive team that creates every fun experience.


  • Interactive creativity
  • Media art
  • Cross-field matchmaking
  • Interactive development

We need ideas to break free of temporary frames, which are formed after a series of specific experiences.

Creative thinking in interactive technology. Because this is an area of continuous progress, collecting a large amount of information and synchronizing with the world is a very important first step. And understanding the design of user experience in interactive technology allows us to use interaction When technology communicates information, it will not use interactive technology too much to make the message impossible, nor will it give too much information to make the interaction too tedious. With a background in artistic creation, it is a very useful tool when creating ideas, and instinctively tries new ways to create interactive ways; has experience in interactive design, and does not go too far in the sky in creative ideas. It is our goal to use new interactive methods to surprise users and start interacting immediately, and smiles in the process.

Media is the message

In media art, it is not only a imagination, but also the presentation of context, depth, layers, and aesthetics, so that viewers can dig down layer by layer. Because it is created through new media, it is designed for user experience More research is needed to consider the user's positioning in the work and how to change the presentation of the work due to interaction. From virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality to somatosensory interaction, image recognition, mechanical power, sensor, etc., he has more than 7 years of creative experience, and can calm down when facing different problems Processing is our biggest advantage.

Just like the Greek word π has two feet, a π-type person refers to a person with two specialties.
-Omae Kenichi

People who can cross fields will always cross fields. Nowadays, with the explosion of technology, it is not allowed to cross the field. When creativity is involved in new technology, artists need to write programs, engineers need beauty, managers need to understand each step to unify the project, and interaction allows user experience design to become A discipline that cannot be ignored. The combination of performance and interactive media technology has become a trend, because it has experience in working with performers, including VJ, DJ, stretcher, dancers, musicians, knowing that there is no room for adjustment like installation in the performance, it must be in the complete Presentation, complete the design of the program structure in advance, and flexibly adjust the settings according to the site conditions during the rehearsal.

Text is born, author is dead

In terms of interactive development, it is a never-ending road. Technology continues to advance. From Wii's Bluetooth connection, Kinect somatosensory application to VR glasses interactive design, there will be more different possibilities in the future. For example, robotic arms, neural network-like applications, etc. We are laboratories and development departments. Like the "new" word in new media, the irritating teeth do not let us stop chasing, creating possibilities, software and hardware Integration is what we are good at.

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